Summer - The Best Time to Buy a Jewel

Ahalya Choksi

You want to know why summer is one of my favorite times of the year - Other than the fact that eating ice cream as a meal is perfectly acceptable?  its the perfect time to buy jewelry.

Is there really a best time to buy Jewelry? No, but with no major holidays in sight, summer is when a lot of jewelry stores will run special promotions and discounts to get rid of their current stock.

But let’s not forget the fun of shopping! Walking into a store, finding something that you just have to have because it just fits you! I may or may not have bought myself a piece of jewelry last week and this blog might be how I’m justifying it…

1. Set a Budget

Before you start shopping around, set aside an amount that you’re willing to part with. Being realistic about your finances will help you, and your jeweler, find you something you love without harming your wallet.

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2. Research

What are you looking for? Where could you buy this piece? How much does this cost online?
Are you looking for a Diamond? What about the metal? 

Here’s a quick translation guide to Jewelry:

Gold types: White, Rose or Yellow

Karat = purity of the gold. 24K = 100% pure, 18K = 75%, 14K = 58%
Platinum: more expensive as it’s the most effective to secure diamonds and gemstones

The four C’s:

Carat: metric used to describe the weight of a diamond. 1 carat = 0,2 grams

Clarity: Describes a stones purity. Natural diamonds may show traces of their growth pattern which are called inclusions or blemishes.

Cut: the better a diamond is cut, the better light will reflect, making the diamond sparkle more.  

Color: actually refers to the lack of color. A perfectly clear diamond, with the hue of a drop of water, is a D. The colors range from D to Z. Is your diamond a fancy color? Those are graded differently – I’m sure your jeweler can advise you on the difference.


Types: Natural, Synthetic and Imitation.

Natural is rarer, so preserves its value over time. Synthetic gemstones are grown in a lab, are therefore more common and more affordable. Imitations are usually colored stones made of glass. The most important thing here is that whichever type you’ve purchased is clearly disclosed as this will affect the care required, as well as price, of the stone.

3. Trust your Jeweller

If the jewelry store (online or a physical) you’re going to has a big flashy sign stating everything is half off, chances are you’re being scammed. No diamond will sell for half its price, and if you are getting any kind of deal, a reputed jeweler would keep that information exclusive.

A good jeweler knows that the investment you’re about to make is something you’re going to want to take your time with, and will answer any questions you might have.

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4. You've got to LOVE it

Find a piece you love – don’t compromise.
If you can’t find something you love, consider something customized.

5. Save money

Looking for ways to save on your Diamond? We’ve got some tips for you here.

Here's what it boils down to: 

  1. Scale down on Color and Clarity but NOT on Cut
  2. If you’re going for a larger diamond, get something slightly lower than the full carat
  3. Consider all shapes as you could save up to 50% on something less traditional
  4. Consider a lower colored diamond with fluorescence
  5. Metals like white gold are a good alternative to Platinum
  6. Research online and in-store before making a final decision 
  7. Consider alternatives


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If you're serious about buying a diamond jewel, you can always find a "deal". But in the summer months, it might take a little less effort. 

We hope this helped, and if you did buy a jewel, let us know!! @TheSparklr


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