How to Help Your Bestie Receive Her Dream Engagement Ring

BFF engagement ring

Your bestie is getting married. She doesn’t know it yet, but you do, because her hubby-to-be asked for your help to pick the perfect engagement ring. No pressure. 

First of all, tone down the excitement, you don’t want to be the one to ruin the surprise for her, so don’t go blabbing to the world THAT YOUR BFF IS GETTING MARRIED!!! (Literally Happy Dancing) Let’s be honest, your besties marriage is almost as amazing as your own. You absolutely love the fact that her dream is coming true, you’ll pretty much know everybody in attendance, and since it’s not your wedding, you’ll have time to dance and celebrate, once your BFF duties are over. 

But back to business, before any of this can happen, she needs to be asked, with the ring of her dreams. No pressure or anything, but if you mess this up… Just kidding, but here are some tips to help your BFF’s boyfriend pick the perfect engagement ring for her. 

TIP 1: Determine your besties style

Is your bestie always wearing yellow or rose gold? Make sure that her fiancé is aware of this and doesn’t set stick to a white gold solitaire. The right metal is the first thing you need to decide, especially since this is a forever accessory. 

TIP 2: The center stone

Secondly, decide on the color of the stone. Is she a perfectionist and would expect nothing less than a flawless, D-colored brilliant? Or would she prefer something a little different like a fancy yellow or pink diamond? Once you’ve chosen the color, you can pick the size of the center stone. Does she just want a center stone, or would she prefer a halo setting? Is that not in the budget? Consider Pavé: If done well, the look can be absolutely stunning. 

TIP 3: Set a budget

There are endless possibilities and once you start looking, it’s almost impossible to stop. You’re going to see so many rings, in a range of sizes and price categories. He’s probably overwhelmed and wants to get his love the best ring out there, but make sure he sticks to his budget. He’s about to embark on a lifelong journey, it’s best to do so without worrying about money. 

Remind him that it’s about the union of two people, and that the ring is just a representation of this, if it’s not what he wants, but all he can afford, he can always upgrade the ring in a few years. 

TIP 4: Take your time

Making such a yuuuuuge decision takes time. Especially, if it’s the first time you’re buying a diamond, or guiding someone else on the process. Before making any kind of decision, you need the 411 on the product. We’ve got you covered for that too, so here’s everything about diamonds, and here’s how you can save money. Diamonds have their own language, which seems complicated, but it’s really not. 

TIP 5: Ask for a diamond grading report

Once a diamond is mounted, it’s difficult to know what the exact characteristics of the stone are. Which is why you should always ask for a diamond grading report. It’s basically a passport for your diamond, which identifies things like the four C’s (cut, clarity, carat, color), which determine the value of the diamond. Most jewelers also make their own jewelry reports, which describe the ring you’ve bought, which is important when you get your diamond jewelry insured. 

Keep these things in mind when choosing your besties engagement ring, and feel free to send this link to your boyfriend, or your best friend, for when it’s your turn. 

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