10 Jewellery Box Essentials

I’m a firm believer in accessories making a look. They have the ability of making something high-street look high-end.

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My wardrobe is a mix of Zara, ASOS, and the pieces I had just had to have (and probably overpaid for in the name of FASHUN). Of course I leave the real splurges for my accessories. A tennis bracelet or designer purse will never go out of style, but my flair sleeved fuchsia jacket just might. Although hopefully not for a very long time - J'adior it. 

Every jewelry box needs some timeless jewelry pieces, either some that you’ve received or purchased for yourself, to flaunt at every occasion. Basics to add a little sparkle to your look, or something bold that they remember you by.

1. An everyday bling: Whether it’s a necklace, ring, or something in-between, I think every woman should have something she can wear every day, like a signature piece. Something that is pretty and simple and matches everything. My everyday bling is a pair of diamond earrings I inherited from my grandmother (emotional value), and a flower ring. Without either, I feel naked.   

2. Diamond Studs: This one doesn’t need an explanation. Studs are the LBD of your jewelry box. Whatever the occasion, they’re always appropriate:  Brunch? Date? Job application? Gym? Perfect.

3. Gold chains: That’s right, chains. Pair a few delicate gold chains and you can transform a look from day to night. I prefer getting them in similar shades of gold and different lengths. They add a finishing touch to practically any outfit. The only thing I get a little annoyed by is how they tangle, so a trick I love to use is clipping them all together with a safety pin. It keeps all the chains stuck at the back, so they don’t twist and tangle as much.

4.  Stackable rings: Any combination works! Mix the metals and gemstones, and together the rings look entirely different. Going for a nonchalant day look? Wear just one. Need a little sparkle to an otherwise basic outfit? Wear them all! They’re just perfectly playful and easy to wear.  

5. Tennis Bracelet: My favorite piece of jewelry is my white-gold tennis bracelet, another piece I wear daily. This flexible rivière bracelet features a line of brilliant cut white diamonds. Did you know that the name “tennis” comes from tennis player Chris Evert? She lost her lucky charm bracelet during the US Open in 1987 and asked the officials to pause the match so she could look for her “tennis bracelet”. To be fair, I would have done the same… This is what I did when I lost my tennis bracelet.

6. Statement earrings: I have long curly hair and love to leave it wild and free, which is great because I don’t have to do much to it, just let it air dry, but not so great when I’m wearing earrings. They have to be big enough to be visible under all that hair, but still light enough that they don’t weigh down my lobes.
Statement earrings have the ability to transform an outfit entirely. I could wear the same outfit day and night, but with just the addition of the earrings, it could look entirely different.


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7. Statement necklace: Every other season is statement-necklace-season, which is why it’s great to invest in one because you’ll likely be able to use it for a lifetime. They pair well with low-cut tops or to add a little something to an otherwise basic outfit. The length of the necklace is important to consider. Shorter necklaces will add more attention to your chest area, whilst a longer necklace might make you appear taller, or like they do for me, get stuck between the girls – not very flattering.
One of my necklaces has both gold and silver tones, making it extremely easy to pair with any color outfit, making it a travel essential.

8. Hoop Earrings: If Jenny from the block and Khloé Kardashian have them, so should you. The key is to find a hoop size that suits your neck length and face shape. Gold hoops work well with warm skin tones while silver and white gold work better for cool skin tones. Perfect to wear every day, with almost every outfit that adds just adds an edgy vibe. Hoops look best with hair that is pulled back from the face and a bare neckline.

9. A string of pearls: They add a little Audrey to your life. Prefect for a day when you want to look like you’re effortlessly perfect. For example, the day you meet his parents…

10. A watch: that’s not digital! It’s not to tell the time – that’s what you have a phone for – it’s to show others that you’re sophisticated. I feel like a watch is just that perfect accessory that makes you go from “hot-mess” to “she looks like she has her SH!T together”. Everyone wants to at the very least appear like they do, even if they really don’t.

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