No Need To Push For A Push Present

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A dazzling push present, or as some see it, your first Mother’s Day gift, is something I’ve always dreamed of. My husband hands me a tiny robin-egg-blue box, saying, “for my beautiful wife, who gave me the most beautiful gift in the world, a precious baby girl”.

But, Oh wait, that’s right, my husband hates RomComs, so a sentence like that will never come out of his mouth. *sigh* He’s just a very rational and smart guy with a soft side, which is one of the reasons I love him so much. Usually I’m a confident, independent lady boss, who is able to juggle her career, the housekeeping and the raising of two little girls and a big, usually dead-tired husband. But every once in a while, especially when Aunt Flo comes to visit and I feel a little (okay… a lot) insecure, he manages to make me feel like a princess.

Alliance rings


Whenever I’m in need of a really corny romantic moment, all I need is a good binge session on Netflix, with some candles, a cuddly blanket… and a tub of Ben & Jerry. (Cookie dough, of course!)



So, when my youngest daughter turned four months old and there still wasn’t a push present sparkling on my finger, despite countless subtle and less subtle hints, I had a little “I don't need a man to make it happen” moment, and decided that If my husband wouldn’t buy me a push present, I would get one myself. Hah.

Honestly, I hope my girls will be even prouder when one day I tell them that I bought myself some diamonds when they were born. I hope to raise them as independent, self-confident, proud women. Women, that want a man for love, not because they need him.

So today, I’m wearing four small alliance rings, one for each of our milestones: our engagement, the wedding, Daughter #1 and Daughter #2. The stacked rings symbolize our differences, but also the harmony in which we live as a little family.

Every time I glance at my sparkling diamonds, I get to re-experience the whole journey all over again.

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