The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Storing Jewelry

So you know how after you’ve cleaned your apartment after weeks (read: months) of neglect, you tell yourself that this time you’re going to keep the place tidy and stick to the neat system you’ve devised?

And you know how that resolution only lasts about a week? 

I’m great at knowing what to do in theory, but when it comes to actually doing it, I’m LAZY. I have a whole drawer full of different jewelry boxes and stands in my room, each for a different type of jewel – a ring holder, a bangle box, a stand for all my necklaces, and then there’s a pile, in a smaller jewelry box of stuff I love to wear, and couldn’t be bothered to sort through, till I’m running 30 minutes late, and need another 10 minutes to untangle my favorite necklace. Ring any bells?

The Sparklr Jewellery box

So anyway, I’m over it. Instagram and Pinterest keep showing me these perfect looking apartments, and I kinda want in on it too.  I want the same for my work desk, but let’s tackle one miracle at a time.

Do you just want a shopping list? You can find our Pinterest board here!

Step 1: The Showcase

Start by making a selection of your favorite pieces and display those so people (read: you) can see them. These can be your most frequently used pieces that can double as pretty tabletop displays.


jewelry to display

Step 2: Decorative Organizers

Now that you’ve chosen the pieces that you’ll display, figure out where you’re going to place them, and more importantly, in what. You don’t just want to go out and buy any random jewelry box, instead pick a theme and stick to it. Do you like mirrored surfaces? Are you a minimalist? Have a favorite color?
There’s a display case that suits every style, surface and collection size.

Step 3: The drawer

I have a whole range of jewels, everything from Bohemian bangles to classic studs. I won’t be display all my pieces, but I absolutely loathe wasting time trying to find matching earrings, or a very specific pendant, which is why creating a jewelry drawer with jewelry trays is the perfect solution for me.

It sounds exhausting but in the span of 2 episodes of Reign I managed to untangle, clean and store all my jewels. I separated my rings, earrings and necklaces into different section. Another big “division” is whether it’s Indian (traditional) jewelry or not.

Step 4: The "I'll just put them in my wallet to keep them safe" alternative

Maybe it’s just me, but I wear wireless headphones at work and to the gym, and because it gets a little uncomfortable, I remove my earrings… and just leave them on my desk (or in my wallet)! I’ve forgotten them a few times, and the next morning I rush to the office hoping I didn’t lose them this time. My amazing friend/colleague got me the cutest solution to this – Macaron shaped jewelry boxes. They’re adorable, small and actually work! Best of all, my earrings don't get bent out of shape because they're squished. 

I always have one on my desk, in my purse, gym bag and next to my bed! They're super affordable, and make a great gift for any occasion - like a sad Monday. 

Step 5: Stick to it!

I know it seems like a lot of work, but trust me, If I - the laziest girl in the world - could do it, so can you!

Do you have any jewelry storing tips? We’d love to hear from you


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