How To Take The Perfect Ring Selfie

Ring selfie

WHOOP WHOOP I'm ENGAGED!!! Finally! I’m SO excited & happy & at a loss for words...
After I've wiped my tears and called my parents, I grab my IPhone to make it Instaofficial – because everyone knows it’s only official if it’s been posted on social media with your customised hashtag (& #TheSparklr ) that you'll use for the rest of your lives... But then it hits me, I have the most hideous fingers in the world! 

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: here are 5 steps to taking the perfect ring selfie!

#1 Get the light right

The best way to photograph a diamond is natural sunlight. But avoid one of the most common mistakes of “too” bright light, because it will leave you with a washed-out looking diamond. What you need is diffused light. Essentially the light you would see when wearing your sunglasses. If you diffuse the light, the diamond will sparkle even more.

#2 Get your nails done

More often than not, (even if it’s been a long time coming), proposals come as quite a surprise. We’ll forgive you for not having the perfect manicure at the time of your engagement, but please do not upload a selfie with chipped nails. Yes the diamond ring is the focus, but trust us, yucky looking nails will take away from the sparkler you’ve been given. No one’s saying you have to get a French manicure (although we totally love that look), just make sure your hands look clean and cared for.
No one likes seeing dry skin or cuticles, so if manicures are definitely not your thing moisturise. Just remember to slip the ring off before slathering on any lotion or cuticle oil to avoid getting residue on the diamond, which would dull its shine.

#3 Get a view

If possible, incorporate a beautiful background into your ring selfie. If the proposal took place on holiday, show the world. However, if your proposal was relatively low key, or you are taking your selfie after you had your manicure done, try to give it a little bit of personality with the right background. And maybe, just maybe, incorporate your partner in some way… I’m pretty sure they would appreciate it.
Even though you & I know that the point of the photo is to get people to drool over your sparklr, try to be a little subtle about it and take an action shot. Which brings us to... 

#4 Strike a pose

Just like when you were a teenager who had to practice the perfect smile, start practicing hand modelling. It is quite an art. Don’t straighten your fingers out too much, that will make them look stiff and awkward. Try to let it look relaxed and natural. We recommend holding a champagne glass that has been refilled (because you chugged the first fill) or cuddling a puppy. – The things we’ll do for a like on Instagram… But above all else, make it look natural and be a little subtle, most people will have to do a double-take = mission accomplished

#5 Edit and filter

Like chocolate makes the world a better place, photo editing makes your picture better than it was when you pushed the shutter button. So, try and see what it looks like when you change the brightness, saturation and contrast. Like we mentioned in our first tip, diamonds are captured best in Natural light, so maybe skip a fancy filter, it might take away from the diamonds brilliance. 

If you are going to edit your photo keep in mind that there are plenty of free app, so knock yourself out.

And from all of us here at The Sparklr, Congratulations to you both! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and perfect pictures together.

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