How to guide: Wedding Ring Engravings

One day you’re going to have that Mr. Big & Carrie Bradshaw moment...

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You, like me, might prefer a diamond ring, but how do you make it your own? Unique designs and gem combinations are always an option, but my personal favorite is an engraving. It's something so small, that is usually just between the two of you, but can make a world of a difference... 

The custom of inscribing poetry into wedding bands has been present since medieval Europe. Is it cheesy? Probably. But then again, so is marriage. 
Do you want to get your ring engraved? Here’s what you’ve got to do:


Talk to your jeweler when you order your ring, if they don’t provide this service, they could likely refer you to someone who could.
PRO TIP: Double or even triple check that everything is spelled correctly. You don’t want to see your ring on a “worst ring engravings ever” list online.
Take a moment to remember the tattoo fail: #NoRagrets


Plan ahead, some jewelers only take a day, others a few weeks.
We recommend ordering the engraving when you order the ring, but this can usually be added at a later time as well.


The most common engravings are a significant date or the name of the person who will wear the ring. Cliché’s are fine, but perhaps it’s a good idea to add something that means something special to the two of you… Think Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big’s “Me & you, just us two”.

For my best friend it would have to be something like: “I’ll never eat your Chicken nuggets”.

The Sparklr - Me & you, just us two

The cost:

Very often when you first purchase the ring, the jeweller may offer the service complementary. If they do not, there are two options, either done my machine or by hand. Machine engravings average at $2 per character, by hand this could be $10. 

Similar prices apply for Europe, although here it is much more common for the service to be included in the initial price. 

But, in case you needed a little inspiration, here’s a list of the most common and creative ring engravings:

  • I love you
  • Our love is eternal
  • To the love of my life
  • Always & Forever
  • Toi et Moi
  • You will forever be my always
  • Eternity
  • Okay (movie reference: The fault in our stars)
The Sparklr - The fault in our stars

… I need a second before continuing, I’m sobbing.

  • V&S forever (use your first initials)
  • Better together
  • A whole new world
  • You are my world
  • Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever ours (Beethoven)
  • Lose it, I’ll kill you
  • I was looking for Gold but found a Diamond (courtesy of one of my favorite couples)
  • All I’ll ever need
  • To have and to hold
  • If found, please return to... (The most useful one in this list!!) 
  • Cutesy nickname for each other (shout out to all the ‘Snookums’ in the world)
  • Here is my heart; guard it well!
  • Three words, Eight letters. (Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl)
The Sparklr - Gossip Girl
  • My Queen / My King
  • Let’s be crazy together
  • Life’s too short to be without you
  • Happily ever after
  • It was always you
  • Team you
  • You are loved
  • I’m all in
  • Can’t wait for tomorrow
  • I don’t want someone like you, I want you.
  • Dreams do come true
  • I just like to see you happy (Luke, Gilmore girls)
  • I had to know you
  • Yes asshole, I do care about you.
  • You’re stuck with me now
  • The infinity symbol: ∞
  • Where you lead, I will follow (Gilmore Girls)
  • You are my person (Grey’s anatomy reference)
  • No one but you
  • Don’t say I never gave you anything
  • Favourite song
  • Names of your kids
The Sparklr - Ring Engravings

Sometimes a message in another language just adds a little somethin’ somethin’:

  • Pour tous jours (For all days, French)
  • Joie sans fin (Joy without end, French)
  • Mon coeur est a vous (You have my heart, French)
  • Je t'aime (I love you, French)
  • Mon amour (My love, French)
  • Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempre (My heart is yours forever, Italian)
  • Amore mio (My love, Italian)
  • Vivo per lei (I live for her, Italian)
  • My Jaan (my draling, Hindi)
  • Mizpah (May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent from one another, Hebrew, Genesis 31:49)
  • Ani L'dodi V'dodi Li (My beloved is mine and I am his, Hebrew, Song of Solomon 2:16)
  • Veni, Vidi, Amavi (We came. We saw. We loved, Latin)
  • Semper amemus (Let us always love, Latin)
  • Semper fidelis (Always faithful, Latin)
  • Pari passu (With equal step, Latin)
  • Amor Vincit Omnia (Love conquers all, Latin)
  • Deus nos iunxit (God joined us, Latin)
  • In Omnia Paratus (Ready for anything, Latin)
  • “I love you” sound wave

… now please excuse me while I go barf at how cheesy some of these are, but I’m sure the one you chose was perfect!

If you do get your ring or other accessory engraved, let us know but taking a picture and tagging us on Instagram @TheSparklr

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