Wedding Jewellery: a Do's & Don'ts guide

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” - Coco Chanel

On your wedding day, even the smallest details matter. There's a fine line between looking perfectly accessorised and looking like a christmas tree. Bridal accessories can make or break your look, so we suggest you wear everything you want to wear, and then apply Mademoiselle Chanel's advice. 

If you need a little more guidance or advise, we've created the ultimate do's and don'ts guide to perfecting your bridal jewelry. 

DO mix Something old Something new.

Mix & Match! You don’t have to get a full set of matching jewelry – but you totally could – your wedding jewelry should be an extension of you as an individual. As long as the finish of the jewelry is similar, it is completely acceptable to wear something that came from grandma, and something from your in-laws.

DON’T overdo it, 1 Statement at a time!

If you’re wearing a one-shoulder gown, you can’t wear a necklace… that’s a double statement and it just confuses people. What you could do is go for a stunning pair of earing or a heavy bracelet. The asymmetrical dress should speak for itself, but a little sparkle never hurt nobody.

If you’re not sure if you’re guilty of this step, here’s some expert advice from Coco Chanel: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”.

Repeat after me: Less is more. You don’t want to look like your 5-year-old niece who just discovered glitter. We love statements, so choose one aspect you would like to accentuate, and have some small additions if you feel the need to do so. If you’re not sure, you can never go wrong with the classics: an earring and bracelet combo.

The Sparklr Bride getting ready

DO try your Veil or Tiara

Whether you’re wearing a headpiece or not, make sure to bring your other accessories as well, especially earrings. If it’s a veil, will it get stuck in your earrings, with a tiara, will it look too much? The idea is that your accessories enhance your look, not compete with it.

DON’T skip mani – pedi time

Your wedding photographer will very likely have some close-up shots of your ring, so let’s not take away of its sparkle by having chipped nails. A subtle French or nude polish is always appropriate, but if you prefer a pop of color, make sure it enhances your look.  

The Sparklr Bridal collection

DO mix: Vintage or Modern?

Your wedding bands are separate and do not need to match the other accessories you will be wearing on your wedding day. All other accessories should be inspired by your gown. If it’s a classic or modern dress, consider shiny jewels, if it’s a more rustic/bohemian look, consider some antique or vintage jewels.

DO Stay in your comfort zone.

On a day where your emotions are going to be completely out-of-whack, you definitely don’t want to leave your comfort zone (beyond wearing the most stunning dress you could ever imagine). So don’t start wearing anything that doesn’t feel like you. Wear something Classic, or punk, or chic, or fun, but above all, wear something that you love.

DON’T go shopping last minute

Bridal jewelry is not just another accessory. Make sure you’ve had enough time to go Bridal jewelry shopping. Like with the shoes, the jewelry ties the whole look together, so make sure you go well in advance so you can look for what you really want, and can compare prices. If you want anything customized you should expect it to take a while, up to 3 months. 
You’ll definitely want to wear all your accessories when you’re getting your gown fitted, so again, it’s important to have it ready on time.

The Sparklr Manolo Blahnik

DO Match your metals to your dress

White? This looks best with platinum or silver
Ivory?  Gold enhances the creamy shades
Champagne? Dull gold jewelry looks beautiful. If you’re going for an antique inspired look, burnished silver looks stunning.
Blush? Rose gold would make the pink hue pop.

DON’T be cheap — Quality lasts a lifetime.

Stick to your budget, but be wise about it. Your shoes will likely be covered by your dress, so paying a fortune for fancy heels that you won’t be able to see… probably not the best idea. Buying wedding jewelry from Claire’s, that will be in almost every one of your wedding shots, again maybe not the best idea. Buy something that’s good quality, that you could potentially gift to your future daughter.

DO buy something you’ll wear again

Unlike almost everything else at your wedding, you’ll definitely be able to wear your bridal jewelry again – and on multiple occasions. Your honeymoon, anniversary, something a little more formal – or, depending of the style – just to enhance an everyday outfit.

The Sparklr Carrie Bradshaw

DON’T just go out and buy jewelry
You need to consider the neckline of your dress:
If the dress is strapless of has a sweetheart neckline consider a shorter necklace, or a pair of chandelier earrings.

V-neck? You’re going to want to enhance the décolletage with either a pendant or choker. Multiple strands of pearls is a classic choice that could be both elegant and playful. Think Carry Bradshaw.  

Halter or reverse halter? Skip the necklace and consider a fancy headband.

DO change jewelry for the reception.

By now you’ve probably realized how changing a jewel can transform a look. So even if you aren’t letting your hair down or changing dresses, this is the perfect opportunity to try those other pieces that were a little too daring for the ceremony.  

The Sparklr Bridesmaids

DON’T say no to the heirlooms (even if they’re not your style)

No one likes insulting their family - especially at their wedding - so accept that at the last minute someone might ask you to wear a jewel from their personal collection. You might not want to, and the piece might not match the rest of your look, but I'm sure the request is coming from a place of love. The good thing is, once the ceremony is over you can take them off, with the excuse that you don’t want to lose such a valuable piece when it's sure to be a long day and night. 

If you really don't want to wear the piece, then you can play the Bridezilla card and say no, but is it really worth that awkwardness?  

DO consider a gem for your gems

Jewelry is beautiful, and you can pretty much find a gem I any color you’re looking for. Find the colors that are prevalent in your wedding and consider getting your bridesmaids a cute jewel in that color. It can serve as a charm and reminder for that time they stood by your side on the most important day of your life.

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