Treat Yo Self: a 5-step-guide to buying yourself Diamond jewelry

The other day my friend said the most amazing thing: “I buy jewelry for myself”. When I asked her why, she blew my mind saying “Why not?”. So now I have to buy myself some jewelry. 


You’re a strong, independent woman – you know exactly what you want, and you get it done. A degree, a fabulous career, a kick-a** apartment, whatever it is, you don’t wait around for things to happen, so why wait to TREAT YO SELF, It’s empowering!  Whatever your last accomplishment was, treat yourself for it: eat a whole red velvet cupcake, go wild at a girls’ night out, a spa day, or my personal favorite, a jewel you’ve been drooling over for years.

Now all that sounds great in theory, but if you like me are a young person, with responsibilities and pretty much paying for everything yourself for the first time, it’s wise to be cautious. You’re about to make a large investment, on something you’ll always want to wear, but let’s be real, it’s not something you just buy on a whim. It’s something you’ll cherish for years to come, whether it’s a diamond ring, a pendant, a tennis bracelet or a pair of sparkly earrings – there’s bound to be something that fits your wardrobe, lifestyle and budget perfectly.


1. What’s your Style?

What do you like? Close your eyes and image one piece of jewelry that fits your style. What does your wardrobe look like? Girly, or sporty, or a little of both? Are you trying to make a statement or something to build a basic collection with?

Some basics you could never really go wrong with, and depending on their size their budget changes too, are stud earrings or a gold chain with a diamond pendant.

2. Research

If till now all your jewelry was from Claire’s, I would definitely recommend doing some research on the different types of sparkling gems out there. A Diamond, Ruby or Safire? Aquamarine, Tanzanite, amethyst? Once you've made a decision, you need to know about the quality, which will affect the price tag the piece will carry.

3. My least favorite B word - Budget.

No one likes to do it, but it’s always best to be realistic about what you can or can’t afford. This is supposed to be something that makes you proud every time you glance at it, rather than a cause for stress. Think about how much you could set aside every month to then buy your favorite piece of jewelry. The idea that you set something aside will also keep you working hard because you know something great is coming your way.

The Sparklr Budget

4. $ave money:

  1. Scale down on Color and Clarity but NOT on Cut, since cut is what affects the brilliance and reflection of a diamond. 
  2. If you’re going for a larger diamond, get a size slightly lower than the full carat, for example: 0,97 Ct. instead of a 1,00 Ct. stone, there’s a significant price difference.
  3. Consider all diamond shapes, something less traditional could save you up to 50%. 
  4. Skip the D coloured diamonds, G-H-I, are cheaper and still look white-ish. 
  5. Metals like white gold are a good alternative to Platinum, and definitely cheaper. 
  6. Research online and in-store before making a final decision.
  7. Consider alternative gemstones if a diamond is not currently in your budget.
  8. Certificate. Make sure whatever jewel you purchase has a certificate of authenticity.
  9. Insurance, its better in the long run, trust me.
  10. Buy during the “low” season, as in, not near a major holiday.

5. Shop!

It’s all in the title with that one, go crazy and buy yourself something you can always be proud of.

Suggestion: take a non-judgy/patient friend with you, she can give you great advice, as well as be your photographer for the new piece. 

Still not convinced that you deserve to treat yourself?
Consider this: Because you're worth it  Because you earned it. 

Because you earned it.
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