The Tacky Bride: 10 Things You Should Never Post When You Get Engaged

You’re engaged! Que the excitement, the happy tears, the smiles that just won’t stop and the need to share your news with EVERYONE. Literally anyone. But how about you hold off on the Insta announcement and just take a minute to let it actually sink in. I totally get the need to capture that perfect selfie and post it on the gram, but that’s a little tacky.


So here’s a guide on what not to add to your announcement selfie.

Lucille Ball The Sparklr

1. A ‘Gram announcement before you call your mama

BEFORE YOU SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD, share it with your loved ones.
a.  It would suck if they found out through Instagram, imagine if someone close did that to you. Ouch.  

b. If you warn them, they have enough time to come up with an amazing comment under your picture, and everyone comments are cooler than likes.

c. You’re going to want to bask in the moment a little since from the time you announce your engagement till your wedding day, things are going to be CRAY-Z.

2. The Diamond Specs

I remember this scene from Bride Wars, when Kate Hudson’s character asked Anne Hathaway’s characters her ring specs:

“I’m engaged! Color? Colorless. Cut? Brilliant. Clarity? Slightly included. Carat? Almost, maybe just under.”

Sharing those details with your bestie is fine, the rest of the world? Not so much.


Bride Wars The Sparklr

3. The Price

That includes not posting a “link in bio” or “swipe up” to a website with the exact ring and price!

4. A video of just the ring

BARF. I do not need to see you moving your hand from side-to-side showing off how much your ring sparkles in the light.  I’ll maybe allow a story. But ONLY if you’re making fun of yourself, or doing something silly.


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5. While we’re at it, NO ring close-ups

Those are horrible too… If people want to see the ring up close, they can do so the next time you get together. Of course your ring can be in the picture you post, but hopefully you and maybe even le fiancé are in it too.  That’s not to say that you can’t post an announcement like Lea Michelle. That was both goofy and adorable and we wish her nothing but the best.  

6. The Wedding Deets

I know this might blow your mind, but in the days before Instagram and Facebook, people used to inform their friends and family of the details of their upcoming nuptials through an invitation that they – wait for it – sent by post! You sent them to the people you wanted to - and some you didn’t want to - invite to the ceremony. If you are going to share those details online and publicly, be prepared for a Project X party, or an old high school friend to ask if their invite was lost in the mail. (It wasn’t.)

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7. Keep the Post Short & Sweet.

I love seeing people find their person, and I totally want to know how the question was popped, but can we do that over drinks? I really hate reading. I also really hate reading long texts on FB/insta that require me to click on “see more”.
I will not be “seeing more”. I will maybe like, if you’re a close friend might even comment, and then promptly forget about your happy news, because READING,*** YUCK.

***This doesn’t apply to this Blog. You have to continue reading it, because it took forever to compile a list of all these rules you need to follow - you’re welcome.

8. The Hashtags

I think a “unique” couple hashtag can be kinda cute, especially if you’re going to continue using it for the wedding as well, BUT, FOR THE LOVE OF … do not go cray cray with posting a hundred or so hashtags hoping to be featured in a blog or on an Instagram page sharing engagement announcements.

The exceptions: #TheSparklrBride , #TheSPARKLR , the hashtag is used sarcastically, or your unique one.

If you insist on using all those cliché hashtags, post them as a comment below the picture so not everyone has to see them. The worst: #Taken #HePutARingOnIt #BrideToBe #ISaidYes #InstaBride

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9. Social (Media) Etiquette

When you do finally post on Instagram or FB make sure to thank people! You can like the comment and then DM them a more heartfelt thank you… especially if it’s a more personal message.

10. Change your account name to “Future Mrs. … “

No. Just no. That’s fine for your Middle School Journal, not Facebook or Instagram. #unfollow


I totally believe in love, and that one day I’ll be a crazy-happy-bride-to-be, and who knows, I might not take my own advice, but as someone who sees these announcements constantly, these are the things you’re going to want to avoid. Or at the very least, don’t be guilty of ALL these faux pas’.

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